Animal Welfare

Healthy, happy sheep naturally produce the best quality fibre. Our sheep are provided with and cared for in accordance to "The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare" - creating a better quality of life.
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What is Silk?

We know the name silk, and most of us know it is a luxury fibre due to the cost of buying a garment made from it. But where is silk from? We explore this wonderful fibre in more detail.
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Behind the Name

Our founder Victoria goes into detail about what the name Wilderling means to her and how she came up with it.
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How To Remove Stains from Clothing

In order for children to explore and experience the world their clothing will inevitably get dirty and need to be washed. We have put together some tips and tricks to help remove stains.
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Our Foundation Range Explained

Wilderling divides its collection into three ranges: Accessories / Foundation and a Capsule Collection. Today we will look into our 'Foundation Range' and explain what it is and why we have chosen ...
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