As seen in | Australian Woman's Weekly

As seen in | Australian Woman's Weekly


Cover Australian Women's Weekly and Nadia Lim And Wilderling
For the 2021 Christmas addition of the Australian Women's Weekly, we were asked to dress Nadia and Carlos's boys - Bodhi and River. What a surprise and honour to see the wonderful family on the cover and to read about their farming journey so far.
Australian Women's Weekly Featuring Nadia Lim and Wilderling
Bohdi and River both wore our Teddy Shirt and custom linen shorts. 


Nadia Lim and her husband Carlos, relocated to Royalburn Farm two years ago. Situated on the Crown Terrace, above Arrowtown with stunning vista's and inspiring goals - "to leave a legacy, something better behind for future generations". The farm is fully operation, large scale farming. Nadia says they felt a 'responsibility to be part of the production side - the journey food takes to get to your plate'. They are determined to help lead the way in producing food, on scale in the most sustainable, ethical and profitable way. And to be able to "change the way we feed our communities".

As a brand, Wilderling focusses on producing clothing for our children, and has a passion for connecting people to how their garments are made. Similarly to how Nadia aims to connect people with understanding how their food is grown. As human's, our connection to the soil is vitality important and something we all share. Current food and textile manufacturing processes have created a huge disconnect, and the results having proven harmful and destructive. Being surrounded by people with such passion and drive for change is inspiring and incredible for the local Queenstown-Lakes region, and for New Zealand as a whole.


With the opening of the Royalburn Farm Shop in Arrowtown, you can now buy locally grown meat and produce, as well as Royalburn wool blankets and Wilderling face masks.  
Royalburn Farm Store Stockists of Wilderling
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