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100% Superfine New Zealand Merino Clothing & Accessories for Babies and Kids

Our exclusive collection of Merino Wool pieces offer a range of clothing and accessories for babies right through to 7-8 year olds. What sets our merino apart from the rest is our premium quality and softness. We source our wool from local New Zealand sheep, which is certified and traced ethically from farm to finished fabric. Our wool is a superfine grade of 18.5 microns and made into a lightweight jersey knit fabric which is ultra-soft against sensitive skin. Not all merino wool is created equal, but you only have to feel our merino products in your hands, to know you are holding a truly special piece of clothing. It is our hope that babies and children get to experience the joys of life through wearing the best that nature can provide.

Our Range of Merino Clothing and Accessories

100% Superfine New Zealand Merino Wool for Babies and Kids by Wilderling

New Zealand Merino for Young Children

Merino Wool is natures super fibre – it is the most technical natural fibre on the planet. No lab can create what nature has spent hundreds of years doing herself. Synthetic fibres have been trying to mimic the performance and attributes associated with wool for years, but they cannot. In addition, wool is a natural fibre, and as such is both renewable and biodegradable. So it is not only gentle on the environment, it is also gentle on you.

Benefits of Our Premium ZQ Certified Merino Fabric

Why Buy ZQ Certified, Merino Wool Clothing?

ZQ Merino is a certification of wool, that stands for a better quality of life for the sheep, the farmers and the environment. The grade of ZQ Merino that we use, comes exclusively from New Zealand sheep and can traced back to the group of farms it originated from. As New Zealand sheep make up only a small portion of the worlds merino wool supply, there is limited supply and therefore highly prized and a more premium product. For more information on the ZQ standard please visit their website here.

Features of Our Premium ZQ Merino Fabric

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Wilderling - Made in New Zealand for Kids and Babies

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