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Capsule Collection of Natural and Organic Clothing for Kids

We offer two collections at Wilderling, the first is our foundation range of Merino garments/accessories, and the second is a bespoke collection of garments to style with the merino range. Wilderling was born in the mountains of Central Otago, where we have four very distinct seasons. When considering our environment we knew we wanted to design a range that would take children through all of these seasonal changes. As babies and children grow so quickly in their first years of life, we want to ensure that our clothing is trans-seasonal and made to last. Each piece in the capsule collection can be mixed and matched, and we do not differentiate between boys and girls, more through styles of garments in various colour-ways. Letting you choose the style and look which best suits your child’s personality and needs.

Our Latest Capsule Collection

Capsule Collection Range of Natural Fabric Occassion Clothing for Children and Kids All Made In New Zealand by Wilderling Kids Clothes

Quality Clothing for NZ Kids

Through our Capsule Collection we offer a range of high quality clothing, made to be worn and loved. What does quality look like? At Wilderling, quality looks like thoughtful design that is beautiful yet functional, research such as wear and wash testing, the finest fabric selection, high quality construction techniques that take longer to implement but give a better result, and lastly attention to detail and finishing. All of the aforementioned aspects that make up our garments take time – time to sample, test and wear to determine performance. Time to research and source the best fabrics and trims. Time to talk, meet and discuss in order to build lasting relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers so that they understand what Wilderling’s mission is and how important their role in the process is. As a result of this, Wilderling will bring out collections as and when they are completed, loosely following the changing seasons, but not to follow trends and fads. We believe in the journey, not the end result. The journey of life and of living. Our hope is that every item be unique, with the love and care that is poured into each piece felt by the children who wear them, and the babies who are wrapped in them.

Benefits of our Capsule Collection

Features of our Beautiful Capsule Collection

Why Buy from Sustainable Businesses?

There is no denying the harmful impact that the manufacturing of clothing and textiles have on the environment and the people that work in the industry. While this has quickly become ‘normalised’ by big fast fashion brands, it doesn’t need to be our future. And it is not only in textiles, it is our food and every aspect of our lives that has been outsourced over the years for production. We are so removed from the process of how it is that things appear on shelves in supermarkets and shops that we are desensitised to it. We don’t know, what we don’t know. Slow, considered business practices want to know more, do better and not hold profits as the benchmark of ‘success’. We want to educate ourselves and our customers, we want to ask questions and share our findings. We aim to create transparency and accountability for our processes and continuously strive to improve and change in order to get there.

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