We acknowledge that all children come in different shapes and sizes, this is especially true for developing bodies. Babies and children grow at vastly different rates, therefore we have tried to be as generous with our sizing as possible.

We have based our size range off the 75th percentile of New Zealand children. This means that if you know your child is under the 50th percentile, size down. And if they are above the 75th percentile, then size up.  

If you have any questions regarding fit please get in contact with us and we can help you. 


Our size guide reflects the maximum measurements for each age.


Hat size guide for Wilderling Merino hat snad sun hats and sun bonnets. For babies and children made in New Zealand.
'Head' measurement is the circumference around the head.
Our size guide reflects the minimum to maximum size for each age range. To note:
  • Our Merino Knot hats are made from a stretchy knit fabric, so have more give beyond these sizes.
  • Our sun hats are made from woven fabric, so no stretch, but have either elastic (bonnets) or drawstrings (hats) to adjust the size to fit smaller. 


Merino booties size guide for babies. Made from 100% ZQ Certified Merino Wool. Made in New Zealand.


Bib size guide fro baby and toddler bibs. Made in New Zealand from organic cotton and bamboo fabrics.


Face mask size guide for fabric masks made from natural fabrics in New Zealand.


The above size guide are based on actual measurements of each face mask. 


Where possible we have described the 'fit' of each style on its product page and given final garment measurements. We have also used height as a reference point for each size range, this is a measurement that we feel most accurately represents a child's size. 

Close to body: means the style of the garment is intended to be a more snug/tighter fit. This is true for our 'Foundation Range' of merino garments, as they are intended to be worn underneath clothing, and against the skin. 

Structured: means the style of garment has tailored construction, which is intended to fit the body. In a structured garment the size guide should be looked at in detail for reference on choosing a size. 

Loose fit: means this style is meat to have room and not be structured. Yet still fit the body well. This style is true for most of our 'Capsule Collection' range, as they are intended to be worn as a second layer, together with an outer layer (i.e. jacket) over-top. 

Over-sized fit: means this style is intended to be more of an over-sized/baggy fit. 

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