Behind the Name

Behind the Name

"When thinking of a name to call our baby and children's wear brand I wanted a name that represented the style, the people wearing it and the place where the brand is from. So many names came to mind but I kept coming back to my surroundings - the mountains, nature and how much this grounded and inspired me. So the name Wilderling seemed like the perfect blend.

Wilderling landscape images of Queenstown

'Wild' - for the natural mountains, vast open space and countryside I am lucky enough to call home. For the wilderness that surrounds us in Queenstown, keeps us grounded and is a constant reminder to have nature at the forefront of every decision we make as a business. To be our guiding star as we constantly try to be better, and make better choices. To move towards having a positive impact on our environment so that our children can experience a cleaner, greener and healthier earth. 'Wild' is also for our inner child. For children to be children, to play and live and learn from nature.

Wilderling behind the brand image with our little Wilderling's

and 'ling' where I wanted to incorporate the baby and young children who will be wearing the designs. Like a little hatchling, a new life to be nourished and cherished. 

Wilderling brand image behind the name

Wilderling is pronounced - wil-der-ling and nothing gives me more joy than seeing little Wilderling's out and about in the world. To see a child wearing one of your designs, happy and immersed in play is heartwarming and the best feeling in the world."

- Victoria (Founder)


We absolutely love seeing little Wilderling's in action, please don't hesitate to tag us (@wilderling.newzealand) when you post a photo to any social media channel. We are on Facebook and Instagram or send us a private email (

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