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Tops Made From Natural NZ Fabrics For Babies And Kids

Our range of tops offer children clothing options to cover all occasions. We have our foundation range of New Zealand Merino tops, which are designed to sit against the skin to offer warmth and protection from the elements. To layer with the Merino tops, we have tops as part of our Capsule Collection. These tops offer an outer layer, which are age appropriate, and in natural fabrics to compliment foundation pieces. Much thought has gone into the development of functional pieces, which can be worn by children, being children. While considering classic looks and timeless silhouettes. All of our tops are finished expertly, by our team of craftspeople based in New Zealand.

Our Range of New Zealand Made Tops

Tops Made From Natural Fabrics and New Zealand Merino Made in New Zealand by Wilderling for Kids and Babies

Natural Fabrics for NZ Children

We only use Natural Fabrics for all of our clothing and accessories. This means that along with our foundation range of New Zealand Merino garments, we also offer a range of Capsule pieces made from predominantly cotton, bamboo, linen or silk. The properties of these natural fabrics, offer breathability, warmth and a biodegradable fabric option which are important for busy children and the planet. Through avoiding plastics and synthetic fabrics, we are minimising our impact on the environment, ensuring our products will eventually break down and that no harmful substances are against a growing child’s skin. As the skin is the largest absorber of substances into the body – we need to minimise the risk of harmful fabrics layered on it. Especially when children heat up during play and exercise. We are committed to doing better for our planet and people – and see natural fabrics as being imperative to this commitment.


Benefits of our Tops

Features of our Tops

Why Buy a Wilderling Top?

Our range of tops enable children to play, move and find joy in their world, while keeping them warm and protected from the elements. They're perfect for all occasions whether it's a baby shower present, day at the park or a special birthday. With a focus on functional design, quality fabrics and construction techniques we are able to offer a product that is able to withstand children being active and adventurous.

See Our Tops in Action

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Wilderling - Made in New Zealand for NZ Children

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