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ZQ Certified Merino Wool Thermals

The grade of merino wool that we use for our Merino base layers is a from New Zealand merino sheep and is a superfine 18.5micron blend. The ZQ certification means that the wool is sourced from farms with an audited commitment to sustainable farming practices and animal welfare. It also guarantees the quality of the fibre, which is classed by skilled professionals. The auditing of the standard is carried out by an independent third party, ensuring ZQ Merino is held accountable at all times. We also love merino wool as it is a local gift from nature that is right here on our back door-step in Queenstown.

Benefits of our Merino Base Layer Sets

Safe: safety is paramount for sleepwear, especially for babies and children. Clothing choices are an important factor in ensuring a safe night’s sleep. When considering safety there are a number of key attributes caregivers must look out for, such as – low flammability, natural fabrics, close fitting, no strings or toggles near the head and appropriate layers for the temperature of the room. Our merino pyjamas are all made from a superfine merino wool and have been designed to be close fitting. The reason close fitted garments are recommended is to avoid loose clothing catching on things and being caught up in heaters and fire etc. Merino Wool also has a low flammability rating and when on fire, burns away from the body – unlike synthetic fabrics which in general melt onto skin. Please note that clothing is not the only factor to ensure a safe night’s sleep – bedding, pillows, mattresses, toys and heating options all must be considered to ensure breathability, low flammability and safe sleeping areas for babies and young children. Please visit Plunket New Zealand website for further information regarding this topic.

Comfortable Fit: the comfort of a garment, its closeness of fit and appearance in use are all influenced by the extent to which fabrics will stretch and recover from extension. Merino wool yarns do not exhibit high stretch on their own, however the way in which they are knitted together in the manufacturing of the fabric allows for comfortable stretch. Comfortable stretch can be described as the clothing conforming to the body contours and not restricting movement. This is crucial for sleepwear, to ensure a pleasant night’s sleep and to avoid waking from annoying/ill-fitting nightwear.

Breathable: throughout the night the temperatures can change drastically. Wee bodies struggle to regulate their own temperatures therefore rely on clothing layers to keep warm. 100% Natural Merino fabrics offer breathability, to ensure kids do not overheat during the night. They are a wonderful layering option with another natural fabric overtop in those really cold months.

Multi-Functional: while these merino sets have been designed to be used as a set not only for sleeping – they can also be used separately as base layer garments in cooler temperatures. As base layer clothing is typically underneath outer layers and against the skin, they tend to not get dirty as often and can be worn continuously to take kids through from day to night. A simple airing and spot clean can be substituted for a full wash. Washing less frequently is a more sustainable way of caring for clothing and our planet.