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Every piece we create is hand made and hand printed in Queenstown, New Zealand. Right from the pattern development to the cutting, printing and assembling, everything is done in our tiny studio. Each piece is finished and packaged by us, and sent to you with love. We hope that you feel this love as you wear and enjoy our products on your journey. You are buying hand finished and printed pieces, so embrace the imperfections knowing that every piece is unique and truly yours. 

Pure merino wool, where do we start?! To call this a wonder fibre is an understatement. Our love for New Zealand wool is endless. High country merino sheep live in extreme conditions throughout all seasons. The unique properties of their wool are maintained when the sheep are shorn and their wool is spun into the fibres that make up our fabrics. Is it a renewable resource, breathable, able to wick moisture from the body and in doing so helps to regulate body temperature. Our merino is sourced from mainly New Zealand sheep and we only use the finest micron wool, to ensure it is soft and silky against delicate new skin.

Did we also mention that our merino wool is machine washable?! Just use an eco wool wash and off you go. So much love!