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Swaddles and Blankets Made in NZ for Babies

Our range of Swaddles and Blankets cover a range of needs and uses. As a staple for any new born parent, swaddles and blankets are often the pieces most used and most likely to be handed down through families. This alone is the reason we have created the master piece of the collection – a heirloom knit blanket. A nod to the time old tradition of hand knitting a new baby a beautiful blanket for them to be received in once born. A similar blanket was handed down through our founder, Victoria’s, family – through three generations. It’s story celebrated with every new arrival and treasured for its beauty. They are an investment piece, but also something that will get great use and are important during those first young months of a child’s life when they are at their most vulnerable. The safety and security a wrapped baby feels in a swaddle or wrapped in a warm, breathable and soft blanket can help with the bonding process, allows new born babies to transition to the outside world and gives caregivers peace of mind that their child is protected.

Merino Wool for NZ Babies

Wool offers a safe way to keep a young child warm and protected. As babies are unable to regulate their own body temperature, it is imperative that what we use close to their skin to keep them warm is able to breath. That is to allow perspiration and air flow to move through from the skins surface to the air outside the fabric. Our Merino Wool fabrics are two-fold breathable: firstly the actual wool fibre is natural and allows for breathability, and secondly the way in which the wool fibres are spun into yarns and then knitted into fabric allow for gaps in the knit. Being breathable does not mean air is lost, how merino knit fabrics work is that they create a warm layer between the skin and the fabric where air circulates and stays at a constant warm temperature. The breathability part is key when that layer gets too warm, that is when the excess perspiration is able to move through the fabric (wicked) to be evaporated into the atmosphere. Reducing any chance of over-heating. We haven’t stopped there, with natural fabrics, we have taken it one step further and sourced the softest, finest and most ethical wool we could find – certified under the ZQ Merino standard of ethics our Merino Wool is a superior 18.5 microns, from New Zealand Merino Sheep. Safe for your child, and good for the sheep, famers and planet where it comes from. Our range of sleepwear for babies offers a boutique option for baby showers. All gift packs are wrapped beautifully or add free gift wrapping to any order you choose yourself.

Differences Between our NZ Merino Swaddles, Blankets and Heirloom Knitwear Blanket

Beautiful Merino Swaddle to Wrap a Newborn Baby in By Wilderling NZ
Merino Blankets Double Thickness of Superfine Merino Wool for Babies Bassinet by Wilderling NZ
Luxurious Heirloom Knitted Blanket Made In NZ From Merino Wool For Newborn Babies, The Perfect Baby Shower or Newborn Baby Gift By Wilderling NZ

Benefits of our Swaddles and Blankets

Our Range of Swaddles

To swaddle a baby is to wrap them securely in fabric. The reasons for wrapping a baby stem from a time honoured tradition of mimicking the snugness of inside the womb. When babies transition to the outside world it can take some getting used to. Inside the womb is warm, snug and secure. Outside can be big, open and unfamiliar. In order to replicate these feelings of security, the art of wrapping a baby (swaddling) was developed to keep arms by a babies side. This also controls the startle reflex – which all babies are born with and have for a number of months.

New Zealand Merino Swaddles to Wrap Babies Baby Shower Gifts and Presents by Wilderling NZ

Features of our Swaddles

Our Range of Blankets

Merino blankets offer a natural way to keep a baby or young child warm and cosy. Whether it is in the bassinet or cot, or in the pram on a walk around the block, blankets offer an easy, versatile way for that extra layer of protection from the elements.

Merino Blankets Made In New Zealand from Superfine Wool for Babies By Wilderling

Features of our Blankets

Our Luxurious Heirloom Knitwear Merino Blanket

This is an exceptional blanket made by one of the leading knitting manufacturers in the country. Our heirloom blanket comes in one colour way – a neutral ivory white, and is a true testament to the skills and expertise of what New Zealand Made knitting can achieve. It would make the most beautiful present for a new born baby girl or boy and comes complete in a hand made fabric bag. Simply add complementary wrapping to your order and you are good to go. 

Premium 100% NZ Merino Heirloom Blanket Knitted in New Zealand for Babies A Beautiful Newborn Gift or Baby Shower Present

Features of our Limited Edition Heirloom Knitwear Blanket


Size Guide:

Swaddle: 90 x 90cm

Blanket: 70 x 100cm

Heirloom Blanket: 90 x 130cm


Why Buy a 100% Merino Swaddle or Blanket?

Our bedding range of blankets and baby swaddles offer a natural option for parents for keeping their infant warm and safe. Expertly designed to the highest quality, these pieces are made to last and be handed down to have multiple lives. Made from a premium New Zealand grade of Merino Wool also sets our swaddles and blankets apart in terms of softness and quality – while also supporting local NZ industry and production.

See Our Swaddles, Blankets and Heirloom Knitwear in Action

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