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Bodysuits and Rompers for Baby Girls and Boys

What are bodysuits and rompers? Bodysuits are essentially tops that do up under the body to ensure they do not ride up. The reason this is important for babies and toddlers is it means their torso is covered regardless of the movement, (rolling, crawling and learning to walk) that they are doing. Our bodysuits are made using a superfine 100% Merino Wool fabric – a knit fabric with a lovely stretch to enable the bodysuit to safely fit close to the body. Our bodysuits also have an ‘envelope’ neck opening – which allows easy fit over the head. Rompers are similar to bodysuits, but for Wilderling they are made using natural woven fabrics from our capsule collection. They still easily do up under the body using snap domes, but are more of a statement pieces with attention to detail and colourful patterned fabrics used.

Our Range of Merino Bodysuits and Natural Rompers

100% Merino Bodysuits and Natural Fabric Rompers for Toddlers and Babies Made In New Zealand by Wilderling

Bodysuits and Rompers For Babies Made in New Zealand

Clothing that does up under the body of baby is both convenient, easy to get in and out of and safely protects the baby from the elements. Such qualities are crucial for babies and toddlers to ensure their safety, and comfort in a fast and low maintenance way. By having domes that snap together easily, means anyone can quickly change a nappy or remove a bodysuit while a wriggly baby is lying on the change table.

Benefits of our Bodysuits and Rompers

    1. Choose clothes made from natural fibres such as wool and cotton – these will help regulate temperature and keep them from overheating.

    2. Babies usually require one extra layer of clothing than you to keep them warm.

    3. Easy to put on and off

    4. Machine washable

    5. Plenty of room for growth in booties and socks

    6. No cords or ties around the neck area

    7. Is snug or close fitting

Our bodysuits and rompers check all the boxes for the above guidelines set out by Plunket – New Zealand’s largest charity providing help and support for tamariki under the age of five years.

Features of our Bodysuits and Rompers

Why Buy a Wilderling Bodysuit or Romper?

Bodysuits are one of the most versatile and well used piece of clothing for any new born baby or young child. They are a daily staple as a layered piece in winter, through to a short-sleeved option in summer. Our 100% merino wool bodysuits can even go from day to night, as we know all too well how there is little differentiation between the two in those early months. Their close fit, natural merino wool fabric and ability to breath so babies will not overheat – make it the perfect clothing piece to also sleep in.

Rompers are a fun, full outfit piece from our capsule collection that are a ‘babies dress’. The importance of not restricting movement in young children is critical to their development. Rompers offer a lovely wardrobe staple that through its ability to be fastened under the body, will not ride up when a baby is lying flat, or being held, and will not get in the way when learning to crawl and walk.

See Our Bodysuits and Rompers in Action

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Wilderling Clothing - Made in New Zealand for Babies

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