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How To Remove Stains from Clothing

Children and washing go hand in hand. In order for children to explore and experience the world their clothing will inevitably get dirty and need to be washed. We have put together some tips and tr...
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What is Merino Wool and Why is it so Special?

Cover Image Source: ZQ Merino To start with, we need to understand the commonly used term ‘merino wool’. Merino refers to a breed of sheep that are medium sized animals, with a beautiful appearance...
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How To: Keep Merino Fabrics Looking New

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of the pills or the build up of fuzzy fibres on the surface of your knitwear? Natural fibres - such as Merino Wool, shed over time and build up on the surface ...
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Our Foundation Range Explained

Wilderling divides its collection into three ranges: Accessories / Foundation and a Capsule Collection. Today we will look into our 'Foundation Range' and explain what it is and why we have chosen ...
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Who We Are + What We Value

Wilderling exists to develop a way for children to experience quality and joy in their clothing without excessive waste. Using natural fabrics we work closely with skilled craftspeople throughout N...
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The History of Wilderling

The last five years deserve a blog post to show where we started, it is always important to document ones story, to look back on, to reflect - we all started somewhere...
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